Today’s businesses expect more from their distribution centers (DC) than ever before. They expect the correct quantity with the correct documentation delivered on-time, damage-free to the correct destination, or in other words the “Perfect Order”. To achieve and manage these expectations and the increased complexity associated, companies have turned to increasingly sophisticated warehouse management systems (WMS) to solve their problems. While a WMS can handle the execution portion of warehouse management, process problems still occur. Management still struggles with these problems, root cause analysis, and how to control the performance of the DC. The answer to these problems can often be found in the information collected by the WMS each time a transaction is performed. The proper analysis of this information can lead to the elimination of many problems, recurring issues and warn of potential process failures. Metrics Advantage™ can allow for true efficiency and productivity metrics to be calculated in order to continually monitor DC performance.

The metrics in Metrics Advantage™ are based on industry recognized standards and constructed so that valid comparisons can be made within an industry, or from outside an industry with different processes. The tool provides the ability to enter benchmarks and goals so that the DC’s performance over time can be tracked towards its benchmarks and/or goals. This allows multiple DC’s in a given network to be tracked on a near real-time basis from anywhere in the world.


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