Global Concepts' flagship warehouse management system is the perfect choice to handle the logistics functions for the most complex distribution centers or manufacturing locations. Advanced algorithms in conjunction with radio frequency and other leading edge technologies gives the modern logistics manager the real-time control necessary to be competitive in today’s global economy. Designed with input from some of the top logistics experts in the country, Logistics Engine is much more than a typical warehouse system. It is a decision support system with real-time inventory visibility that enables the logistics professional to expertly manage the movement and storage of all materials within a facility. Using real time material tracking (coupled with priority based Radio Frequency (RF) employee tasking) it can take advantage of all available space and resources. Utilizing a highly configurable front-end, Logistics Engine™ readily adapts to most DC environments. Although its functionality is founded in simple pull concepts, probably the most important aspect of Logistics Engine™ is its ability to be phased into an operation – No Flash Cuts. You can begin with paper picking while putting all inventories under the control of Logistics Engine™. As the environment stabilizes, you can gradually move to system directed (RF) picking activities. Other functions such as put-away from receiving and replenishment of forward or prime picking locations may begin as dedicated functions and gradually migrate to system directed activities. For those companies that do not have good historical, demand, and volumetric data, Logistics Engine™ can begin with simple default algorithms. As it builds its own data over time, the more complex features of the software can be turned on. Logistics Engine™ grows with you as you move at your own pace, one step at a time, toward a world class operation. Purchasing a warehouse management system is a sizeable investment, not only the initial cost but also the commitment to the business processes it will help define and enforce. Logistics Engine is a wise investment choice based on its:

  • Value – You won’t find a more powerful, feature rich WMS at a lower price.

  • Sophistication – Logistics Engine™ was designed and developed by logistics practitioners from both industry and academia; considerable investment in R&D underscores our commitment to leading-edge features.

  • Robustness – Processing tens of thousands of real-time transactions a day is serious business. Logistics Engine™ minimizes exposure to human error and platform failure; it is also highly auditable.

  • Customization – Every business operation is unique as are the people that perform its processes. We take this into account by providing flexibility at every level of the application – from external interfaces to individual users.

  • Ease of Use – We accomplish this through a user interface that is both intuitive and information rich. RF and GUI screens lead users through processes while offering options to accommodate a variety of unexpected situations or personal preferences.

  • Ease of Installation – Slamming a WMS into place, no matter how good it is, usually has severe consequences. We avoid that situation by supporting options that allow you to install Logistics Engine™ in manageable chunks. This helps minimize disruption and facilitates end user and management confidence.

  • Integration – Logistics Engine™ is designed to be a material management engine. As such, it is usually connected to other business applications, e.g., ordering, billing, and financial. We provide interface tools that not only establish communication but also administer and manage the details of daily information exchanges.

  • Scalability – Whether it’s the size of your warehouse, number of end users, or your transaction volume, Logistics Engine™ can be scaled to fit it today and be adjusted to accommodate change.

  • Longevity – Global Concepts is constantly enhancing its products to incorporate leading-edge logistics practices and new platform technology. If you purchase a maintenance contract, you are entitled to free product upgrades that will help you stay on the leading edge.

  • Quality – Real-time, mission-critical applications leave little margin for error. From system architecture to screen design to installation, Global Concepts invests considerable effort in getting it right initially instead of fixing it later.

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