As a Solution Provider, Global Concepts can offer the hardware and equipment necessary to complete the system.   Global Concepts represents many manufacturers of Automatic ID hardware, from barcode printers and scanners to midrange application and database servers.


Wireless Network Solutions

With today's technology, building a wireless infrastructure that meets or exceeds yesterday’s capacity, security and performance is relatively easy.  A single wireless network can support the RF Terminals used in warehousing activities and also the other desktop, laptop, or other portable workstations used to perform other clerical or administrative tasks in your application.

RF Terminal Solutions

Global Concepts is a long-time reseller for LXE Radio Frequency systems, with many years of experience specifying exact configurations to meet the needs of our clients.  Using knowledge of your business obtained by our consultative efforts, we can design a radio frequency system that meets initial, or current, system requirements and also provide a system that is easily expandable, without locking the client into an inflexible technology.

Server Solutions

Global Concepts can provide the server platform(s) required for your application, whether your application is web-based or client-server.  The configuration is carefully designed according to the initial application or implementation requirements, while either “building in” room for growth or allowing for easy expansion as the system resource requirements increase.

Work Station Solutions

Depending on the infrastructure requirements of your application, Global Concepts can accurately and adequately specify the workstations necessary for proper operation of the application.  Relying on a number of different sources, Global Concepts can usually provide the workstations at a competitive or lower price.

RFID Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the next evolution in technology to impact the Supply Chain, with the capability to drive impressive levels of accuracy, efficiency and visibility from supply chain operations. RFID is also highly complex – implementing RFID solutions to maximum benefit requires a broad array of experience and knowledge. Successful RFID projects must include expertise in cutting-edge encoder and reader hardware, tags, information systems and integration, and operational procedures.

Global Concepts leverages our experience to help clients understand and get the most from this cutting edge technology. Our RFID Solutions are tailored to fit your needs.