Global Concepts, Inc. has developed Flow Planner™ into a unique state-of-the-art decision support tool. The engineering logistics capabilities are all best-in-class pull-model strategies utilizing modern pull-type replenishment processes to expertly establish and manage inventory levels and material flow while minimizing costs. The only commercially available product of its kind, Flow Planner™ functions in a variety of settings including distribution, manufacturing and repair operations. It can also be used to expertly size forward or primary pick areas and reserve storage in distribution centers or final output buffers as a simple option for shop/manufacturing scheduling.

Flow Planner™ was derived from over five years of joint University and Industry research at The Logistics Institute, partly funded by The National Science Foundation. Using an array of algorithms, Flow Planner™ analyzes demand, lead time, volumetrics, and cost information to calculate the most cost efficient bin size for a required service level within the physical space limitations – all driven by the pull model. Flow Planner™ utilizes both two-bin and min/max reorder point logic. It also recommends the most cost effective flow path: Direct Dock to Point-of-Use (Vendor direct delivery), Stockroom or Reserve to Point-of-Use, and traditional kitting. It reduces or eliminates kitting in many cases, and reduces dependency on forecasts. Flow Planner™ displays storage recommendations complete with detailed cost data available in no other application. In addition, Flow Planner™ makes it easy to run multiple "what-if" scenarios to determine the effect of changing key variables like SKU lead time. With visual pull signals and simplicity of Flow Planner™, management is freed to concentrate on those items that truly require personal attention.


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