Global Conceptsí manufacturing process grows client manufacturing performance, agility, quality and profitability. Today's aggressive business environment further emphasizes the need for lean processes, continuous material flow, agile manufacturing and continuous improvement. Global Concepts guides organizations through the myriad of technologies and systems to provide solutions.


Lean Manufacturing

Providing a continuous improvement strategy that streamlines non-value-added processes and maximizes company resources for the long-term.

Supply Chain Synthesis

Facilitating lean, agile manufacturing through a partnership-based approach, examining materials flow processes, equipment, systems and people to create a customer-oriented pull approach.

Construction Services

Providing a total project management approach for facilty construction and renovation, including site selection, construction team selection and on-site project management.


Turning the maintenance operation into a profit center by improving product quality, utilization of equipment operators, overall equipment effectiveness, throughput capacity and equipment life.

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