Best practices and a continuous improvement process are essential for competitive advantage. Our hands-on approach allows you to design, execute, and measure solutions focused on your business goals. Global Concepts provides warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, supply chain and organizational excellence solutions.

We provide full service logistics consulting including business process analysis, material flow design, warehouse layout and slotting, manufacturing line layout, storage media selection and procurement, and facility design.


Logistics Consulting
Global Concepts takes your logistics network beyond supply chain management to Supply Chain Synthesis where product is pulled, not pushed, through your network, and where the right activities are performed by the best supply chain partners. Our expertise develops practical answers to your logistical challenges while focusing on achieving excellent customer satisfaction and minimizing inventory and total costs.

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Global Concepts expertise can carry the warehouse from the initial planning stages through the implementation process. Global Concepts provides on-site management of the entire implementation process to maintain quality, schedule and cost conformance. Global Concepts' approach to implementation ensures project success.

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Global Concepts manufacturing process grows client manufacturing performance, agility, quality and profitability. Today's aggressive business environment further emphasizes the need for lean processes, continuous material flow, agile manufacturing and continuous improvement. Global Concepts guides organizations through the myraid of technologies and systems to provide solutions.

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Process Consulting
Global Concepts business process consulting services leverage our comprehensive knowledge of many different industries spanning many years and many countries. We work with our customers to enhance business processes, improve methodologies and tools, identify and prioritize initiatives, and deliver value-adding services.

Inventory Planning
Global Concepts' inventory planning consulting service helps you to balance your inventory policy and customer service levels strategically throughout the supply chain.

Using a process approach, we segment inventory requirements to assess and re-design the individual components. This allows for effective and lasting change in a company's overall inventory investment.

Solution Results

● Enhanced customer satisfaction

● Increased distribution network efficiency

● Improved flow of goods

● Higher staff productivity levels

● Maximized utilization of floor space and capacity

● Greater return on assets

● Continuous improvement