Who We Are
Global Concepts, Inc. is a privately-held, Logistics Consulting and professional services organization founded in 1996. Global Concepts is a high tech, knowledge based company dedicated to delivering advanced logistics and manufacturing support solutions to our customers ranging from aggressive startups to Fortune 500 powerhouses.


Why Choose Global Concepts
Global Concepts' technical expertise in RFID, Logistics Engineering and software solutions is world-class, with consultants and software engineers that average over 20 years experience. Our logistics expertise is augmented by our experienced solutions delivery staff which use proven development methodologies and disciplined project management to mitigate risk and ensure quality results.

Global Concepts' has developed strong partnerships with leading industry research institutions such as the University of Oklahoma, the University of Arkansas, Oklahoma State University, Georgia Tech, the University of Louisville, The Council of Logistics Management, National Science Foundation and CELDi.  These partnerships keep Global Concepts' on the cutting edge of logistics solutions.

Global Concepts' success in providing exceptional business value for our clients has allowed us to develop one of the most respected names in the industry.


What We Do
We provide Logistics Consulting Services to DESIGN processes, Software solutions to EXECUTE those solutions and balances metrics to track and MEASURE success.
Process Consulting
Supply Chain Consulting
RFID Consulting
Inventory Planning
IT Consulting and Services
Application Development and Maintenance
Package Implementation
System Integration

Product design services

Hardware and software


How We Do It
At Global Concepts we're dedicated to helping your company perform at a higher level. The initial consultations with Global Concepts will be to determine the project scope and the areas that need to be addressed. We will discuss your customers, their needs, and the needs of internal customers. We will create a gap analysis to see what areas of concentration will receive the most benefit in the shortest amount of time. With the gap analysis, we will prepare a scope of project and a timeline with measurable milestones. Logistics benefits come from many places within the organization, so it is critical to research the entire process of the business to find areas for improvement.

Most importantly, we listen to you. Global Concepts develops a plan with you, a plan which identifies the ways to better serve your market. Together, we are able to develop a process which differentiates your products, either by increasing speed to market, or reducing costs to market through balancing the supply chain. This helps you add value to your product.

Global Concepts will help implement the plan. We teach as well as consult. We will help get you up and running so you can see results. We stand behind our consultation, we help you roll out as well. This limits your exposure and also speeds the learning curve so your employees feel comfortable with the new systems and processes. This allows you to realize value sooner.



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Who We Are?

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Michael E. Longo
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Richard McDuffie
Glenn Geiger
Jun-Sheng Lli, Ph.D.
Thomas L. Landers, Ph.D.
John J. Owen III, Ph.D.
Sam Chaffin
Wayne L. Boddicker
Dr. Ricki G. Ingalls, Ph.D.
Jerry D. Dechert, Ph.D.
Erick C. Jones, Ph.D.